LISAIt is just so fascinating to me that there can be so many diverse but compelling ways to make us feel at ease or at home in a space that one spends the majority of time in.

That is the exact reason why I, Lisa Stanley-Kelly, of Middleton, Massachusetts, began a love for decorating my bedroom early on as a teenager… for that was where I spent the majority of my time.


I am a proud native of Muncie, Indiana and hold a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from Michigan State University as well as a degree in Interior Design from Northern Essex Community College.

I started a promotion business with my husband in 1991 planning public events at local New England convention centers and venues, thus giving me strong special, organizational and problem solving skills that I knew would help me some day for my real passion in the design world.    I slowly began to really get serious and learn the trade by working in the field alongside my husband in his much later in life second career as a general contractor in residential and commercial property projects.

Inviting someone into your home or space is one of the highest compliments one can receive.  It’s about sharing, not flaunting.  I think having a home or space that shows who one is now and where one has been is the ultimate meaning of individuality.  For me: my biggest inspiration for design has been studying, living and traveling abroad since I was in college.

My philosophy:

Design like life, should never stand still… and with that being said let Décor 64 help you imagine the possibilities with beauty, balance, harmony and functionality.


Lisa’s unique skills of creativity and vision resulted in a combination of warm colors, unique flooring, classic tile designs and a furniture selection creating a warm family retreat on the lake.
With limited space Lisa was able to design an open concept that brings our kitchen, dining room and living room together creating an entertainment area.
- Warren
Wakefield, NH